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what i want to say to my parents的叙事作文

2024-01-03 21:36:25

  All the parents hope their children will have a bright future . And they have different kinds of expectations for their children . As for me , my dream is became a singer . But my mother want me to be a doctor . I think that doctor is very rich but i also think it is boring . The music can bring me happy . If i listen to music , the bad things will went out with the wind . Mum, i want to tell you that , "the life is my own , i want to choose my life road . I want to grow up ." I hope you will encouragenment in the dream road . What is more , i need your help in the money . I will try my best in the future . Please believe me. I will became a singer. I want to you can listen to me in the future . In short , i will very happy .


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