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  With the communication between nations, Christmas Day is more and more popular among people. Christmas Day is on 25th, December, which is the biggest and best-loved holiday in the United States.
  Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity religion. “Christmas” means “celebration of Christ”. On that day, people decorate Christmas tree with candies and presents. There is a popular saying about Christmas tree. A farmer served a poor child with delicious food. When the child left, he put a branch into soil and the branch turned into a big tree at once. He pointed at the tree and said that the tree will be full of presents to reward you on that day every year.
  Santa Claus is the most popular people on that day. It is a custom to ACT Santa Claus. Before children go to bed on Christmas Eve, they will put a sock on stove and wait the Santa Claus to put presents into it. So Christmas Day is one of the f**orable festivals for children.


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